matted dog

Matted Pet Hair can be Serious!

Mats pull tightly on the pet’s skin, causing them constant discomfort and sometimes
suffering. But even more serious is the fact that air cannot circulate through
the hair and skin, which can lead to major skin irritations and infections.

As a highly trained professional, ourpets groomer understands how serious matting is
and what health consequences your pet can suffer as the result of matting. 
Our groomer
will evaluate the condition of your pet’s coat and recommend what is best for him/her.



When a pet’s hair becomes severely matted, there is simply no way to remove it
except to give the pet a very short haircut,
it is very time consuming, as the groomer
must use extreme caution as he/she removes the tightly matted coat from your pet. 

You don’t just shave the hair off.  It is much more involved.
Our groomer uses
specialized equipment to separate the matting from the pet’s skin.  It is incredibly
difficult and delicate work to release your pet, inch by inch, from the hairy prison
surrounding him/her.

Great care must be taken.  As the matting is removed, it may reveal skin conditions,
parasites, or even foreign objects imbedded in the pet’s hair.  The skin can become
unhealthy under matting, sometimes to the point that immediate medical
attention is needed.